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LYSON W Submersible Wastewater Pump for Dirty Water:

            W submersible wastewater pump is a newly developed submersible wastewater pump, which is designed based on the combination of the advanced technology from international submersible wastewater pump performance features. This submersible wastewater pump has features such as energy-saving, anti-winding, non-clogging, automatic installation and automatic control. This pump is excellent in transporting wastewater with solid-particles and long fibers.
          The submersible wastewater pumps use special structure impeller and new mechanical seals to make it more efficient in delivering wastewater with solid particles and long fibers. Compared with traditional impellers, the new ones(spiral-flow type or double-leaf type) have an excellent delivery capacity, which improves the wastewater pump performance. It runs more smoothly without any vibration.

>>> Applications

> IndUstrial wastewater or other liquids;
> Household sewage or wastewater;

Agricultural irrigation;
> Floodwater discharging;
Various water-discharging system.

>>> Working Conditions
> Please inform us when placing an order if the submersible wastewater pump working pressure is more than 0.6MPa.
> Wastewater: Solid size should be no larger than 50% of the submersible wastewater pump suction diameter. Fiber length should not be over 2.5 times of the submersible wastewater pump suction diameter. When the wastewater density is more than 1.05, the pump motor power should be increased accordingly to prevent the motor from overload operation.
> Ambinet temperature should not exceed 40℃. Altitude should not exceed 1000m. Transferring wastewater temperature should not exceed 40℃. Please inform us when placing an order if the transferring wastewater temperature exceed 40℃. The submersible wastewater submersible pump motor power should be increased in order to adapt to the high altitude area if the altitude exceed 1000m.
>>> Features
> Adoption of unique spiral-type or big passage impeller structure, significantly improving passage capacity of wastewater. Solid particles with half the submersible wastewater pump input diameter are effectively passable.
> Mix-up submersible wastewaterr pump has all the functions of common submersible wastewater pump. A sub impeller(same axis with the dynamo, stability ensured) installed at the bottom of submersible wastewater pump could produce additional pressure when submersible wastewater pump is at high gear, in order to reach the rotation effect of the wastewater and neat discharge of all the wastewater.
Dynamic -balanced rotor part and properly arranged bearing has effectively evened radial and axial load of submersible wastewater pump, by which the whole pump could function in longer period with more stability and less noise.
> This submersible wastewater pump is open to both mobile and fixed installation method upon client's request.
Submersible wastewater pump control and protection. Common-type and fully-insured type are both available on client's request (please specify fully-insured type at order-placing).
> Wastewater level control cabinet could be provided upon request, which enables on/off control of submersible wastewater pump according to wastewater level and a most convenient automatic management.


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