LYSOON LQDLstainless steel

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>>> Product Features


LQDL vertical centrifugal multistage jockey pump water pump with 60-Hertz Motor is the latest model with the features of energy-saving and less space demand,easy to install and has stable performances.

(1)With its 304 stainless steel shell and wear-resistant axle seal,there is no leakage and it can live long service life.

(2)With hydraulic equilibrium to balance the axial force,the pump can run more smoothly,less noise ,which can be easily installed in same level pipelines ,enjoying better installation conditions than DL model.

(3)With these features,GDL Pump can easily meet the needs and requirements for water supply and drain foe high building,deep well and firefighting equipments.


>>> Product Advantages

  • Compact structure, snall volume, beautiful outlook.
  • Easy to install centrifugal pump with speed control 
  • Stable running, low noise, high concentricity of components.
  • No leakage, when centrifugal pump with speed control   working
  • Easy to maintain centrifugal pump with speed control                 

LYSOON LQDLstainless steel

分类:stainless steel pump