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>>> Product Overview


 LQDLWJ water pressure booster pump can achieve the most higher level in our domestic market. This kind of pump sells well around the world and also be fond by our customers. 


>>> Product Applications

  •   Cooling System
  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Water Treatment(Water Purification)

  • Aquaculture

  • Fertilization/Metering System

  • Environmental Application

  • Other Special Applications

>>> Model Meaning


Model: LQDLWJ4-3

Name Meaning
LQDLWJ Domestic Water Pressure Booster Pump
4 Flow(m3/h)
3 Stages



>>> Transferring Liquids

  1. Thin, clean, not including solid particles and fibers.
  2. Transferring liquids like mineral water, soft water, pure water, boiled oil, and other light chemical medium
  3. When density and viscosity of medium is larger than water, if needed, must equip with bigger power motor.

>>> Parameters

  • Flow range: 3.2-500m3/h
  • Head range: 8-588m
  • Motor power: 3-37kW
  • Speed: 2850-2900r/min

 >>> Working Conditions

  • Liquid temperature: Regular: -15°C~70°C

  •   Hot: -15°C~110°C

  • pH range: 6.5~8.5.
  • The max ambient temperature: +40°C

  • The max operation pressure: 10bar

  • The max suction pressure is controlled by the max operation pressure

 >>> Motor 

  1. Closed, air-cooled
  2. Protection Class: IP55
  3. Insulation Class: F
  4. Standard Voltage: 50hz: 1*220-240v
  5.  3*220-240v/380-415

        5. The max power for single phase motor is 2.4kw



分类:stainless steel pump